Archives for March 22, 2012


Mama went on a very overdue shopping spree on Monday at lunchtime. I had a 50% off full-priced items coupon from Banana Republic, and had hit another weight loss milestone last Friday, so I made the trip with a couple of coworkers. The ability to fit into a size 8 [coral pink!] blazer was too much to resist. I’ll take you. Hmm… now that I know how to tie scarves, this little lady is a keeper too. Oh, what an awesome cuff! Mine. Do I really need this navy & orange necklace? But it’s navy. So yes.

It is so nice to fit into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes again (I went through my dresser & closet this weekend). Hallelujah! I had forgotten how much I love some of the items I’ve purchased in recent years. It’s like getting a whole new wardrobe. Well, one that could use a few fresh additions. Et voila!