Derby day

It’s my favorite horse-related month of the year! Okay, it’s the only one. The Triple Crown is here and today is the Kentucky Derby. Hubs and I got into horse racing thanks to the TV series “Jockeys” that aired on TLC a few years ago. So bummed that they canceled that. Anyhow…

Post time is just 2 hours away. I’ve got to decide where to place my bets. I’ll definitely put money on Bodemeister, because Mike Smith is the jockey (one of our faves from the short-lived TV show). Oh yes, my methodology is very scientific. Ray always likes to put his money on the long-shots and bet to “win.” I like better odds and usually bet to “show.”

But before things get under way, it’s time to whip up another batch of vanilla pear cocktails. Last night we did a test run using vodka, per the recipe; we’re thinking that we will try the cocktail with rum today instead. It’s a poor man’s cocktail because instead of using vanilla bean I just put a drop of vanilla extract in each cup. Two vanilla beans cost $16 at the grocery store. Um, no.

The second round of the Triple Crown, the Preakness, is held at Pimlico, a track in nearby Baltimore. It’s 2 weeks from today. We hope to attend next year (if my mom can fly out to watch the baby – it’s too expensive to be toting a tot around). Then the series wraps up in New York with the Belmont Stakes on June 9th. I am pretty risk-averse, so these are my 3, and only 3, days of annual gambling.