Happy Valentine’s Day

Spending the evening with my two favorite people, hubs & the baby. Happy V-Day, everyone.

V-Day Diptic

SAG red carpet

I missed the red carpet because I went into work Sunday evening. Based on the word of the Twitterverse, I think I’ll count myself lucky to have missed the E! broadcast; it was not well received. Of course, I reviewed the gowns upon my return home. And, because of expected icy road conditions (that didn’t actually occur) I don’t have to get into work until noon, so I have time to post my much sought after (ha!) thoughts on last night’s fashion.


SAG Best 2013

In no particular order: Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway (exquisite from head to toe), Jessica Chastain, and Jaimie Alexander (I didn’t even know who this was but when I saw her my only thought was, “Hot.”).


SAG Worst 2013

January Jones (a wreck from head to toe), Mayim Bialik (of course), Morena Baccarin (it was worse than this picture shows), Ariel Winter (mother of the bride, and not even good MIB).

* All pics from People.com.


2nd & OFFICIAL inaugural ball

I have finally realized my goal of laying eyes on President Obama in person. Woo hoo, success! It was freeeeezing(!!) last night. We arrived at the first point of entry, after a quick metro ride, to total chaos and a line that would guarantee we were standing out in the cold for minimum 1.5 hours. Hmm, let’s check the other entrance that is not as close to a big metro stop. Bingo! Good life decision. We were in the Convention Center within 15 minutes. Through security and into a coat check line. I debated holding onto my coat all night because I thought pickup would be a disaster (and I was right – over an hour in line). 15 minutes to drop off my coat and then it was off to the actual event.

In order of appearance: Mr. Kimberly Williams (a.k.a. Brad Paisley), Fun, the President & Mrs. Obama accompanied by Jennifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder, Vice President & Dr. Biden accompanied by Jamie Foxx on the piano, John Legend, Soundgarden. (Soundgarden?) Trying not to be bitter that my coworker’s better tickets got her Katy Perry, Alicia Keys & Usher. Oh, boo hoo, I went to the inaugural ball and only got X, Y & Z. Okay, I’ll stop whining now.

Obama Inaugural Ball 1.21Although the heinous coat check-out process ended the night on a low note, I feel so lucky to have been able to attend this ball. Thanks Liza & Keefer for watching Linden for us!


Inaugural ballin’

On Sunday night we attended the South Carolina State Society Inaugural Ball with several DC friends. A good time was had by all, a lot of champagne was consumed… I felt pretty fancy.

SC Ball 1.20.13

DC: What I’d miss – Redux

I’ve been thinking more about this and I definitely left a few things out:

1. My doctor at One Medical Group (Dr. Snyder is awesome & so is the whole OMG concept)
2. The sausage, egg & cheese bagel from the corner market near work
3. Feeling like we’re “hip” and at the center of things/history/events, living here in DC
4. Vapiano’s Greek salad


Not blogging is part of my 2013 life simplification plan. So that’s that. I’m going to look into ways of doing “quick hit” posts from my iPhone. But in the meantime, don’t expect to find much here.

November photo-a-day

So, it’s a tad belated, but here are 30 days of my Instagram pics from November for Fat Mum Slim’s photo-a-day challenge:

November '12
And here is the key:




DC: What I wouldn’t miss

Two weeks ago I posted on what I would miss most about DC if we were to return to California. As promised, here is what I most definitely would not miss:

1. Humidity
2. Carrying an umbrella every day
3. Metro
4. Crazy, shitty drivers
5. Expensive daycare
6. Not having family nearby
7. Our neighborhood

The Weather
Humidity is the worst weather feature ever. It rains in the summer… often. This is why I always have an umbrella in my purse. But it’s not cool and refreshing rain, and at times it’s torrential. The second the rain hits the hot sidewalks it’s a steamy hell. Y.U.C.K.

The number of times I’ve gotten nauseated on the Metro are too numerous to count. And the system is pretty much unusable on the weekends with the constant track work and 20+ minutes between trains. And although it’s generally reliable, it seems that it’s not at always the wrong time.

The Drivers
California drivers ain’t got nothing on these people. The drivers here are the most incompetent, insane, idiotic, entitled, selfish lunatics that have ever roamed the roads. Every day I think I’ve seen the most jaw-dropping move only to have it topped the next day.

$$ Daycare $$
Word has it that the DC Metro area has some of the most expensive daycare costs in the U.S. If they don’t, pity the rest of the country! Let’s just say that $20K per year puts a large hole in one’s pocket. I did a quick search of Sacramento daycares and they are about $700/month less. Holler!

No Family in DC
I’m so jealous of the people who have built-in babysitters! ‘Nuff said.

Our ‘Hood
I like to call it “an amenity-free zone.” Unless your idea of amenities include a McDonald’s, liquor stores, tattoo parlor and gas stations. No restaurants. No gym or fitness studios. No (decent) grocery store. Zip, zero, zilch, nada. And although it’s not a dangerous neighborhood, I don’t feel comfortable, say, going out for a run by myself, especially not at night. And while it’s not unsafe, it’s not exactly crime-free. Several people have been attacked/mugged on the way to the Metro, even at gunpoint. It’s been a while since any such thing has occurred though. Maybe things are turning around.

There you have it, the non-missable things about my Washington, DC.

Inaugural ball prep

Issa Spice Twist DressThis January, the husband and I are attending one of the “State Society” inaugural balls with several of our new friends. An inaugural ball is definitely something that is on my must-do-while-living-in-DC list. I’ve already scheduled my hair appointment at Dry Bar. But what to wear? I wasn’t about to buy a dress. Enter Rent the Runway. I’ve heard a lot about this service but have never had the need to try it out. Until now. The dress I initially wanted was unavailable in my size for the date I required it. Drat! I spent a lot of effort picking that one out. The long sleeves were perfect for a January event and I dug the plunging neckline. In hindsight though, this dress would have required some major pre-event prep on my part – a serious diet and actually going to the gym… a lot, not to mention two pairs of Spanks.


Badgley Mischka RTR dressSo back to the drawing board I went. And I ended up choosing this red, strapless Badgley Mischka. Red is not a color I usually wear. And strapless isn’t always the most flattering look for me (although my wedding dress was strapless). The fit is much more forgiving than that of the Issa dress, which I appreciate given that I can’t seem to ever make it to the gym and it is the season of peppermint bark and Christmas cookies. The necklace shown is no longer available for rent (foiled again!), but I’ve become obsessed with the idea of wearing a statement necklace of (faux) diamonds and jade/emerald/malachite/whatever-green-stones.

Pre-ball to-do list: Find perfect necklace, hire babysitter, secure transportation, tone up my not-ready-for-primetime arms. That’s doable, right?

A mood worth memorializing

I don’t know what the deal is tonight, but I am in a fantastic freakin’ mood this evening. I wish I could bottle this up. Maybe it’s because I took a late nap, that I got to go to Trader Joe’s, or that there is an IRS and tax fraud themed episode of NCIS on my TiVo… Who knows? But I want this more often. Who do I call to order a lifetime supply of this?